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Training & Workshops

Those who find weaknesses or errors in their own company usually want to fix them. And that is exactly what you need your employees for - after all, they are the ones who are in daily contact with customers and decide on their buying and branding experience. Sounds simple, but is sometimes quite complicated. Because which employee likes to hear that he has made a mistake or that a process that he has been practicing for years is not the right one…?

I find the right words for precisely these situations, I convince with personal anecdotes as well as with conclusive arguments - and finally awaken the personal ambition of everyone to want to do better in the future.

My trainings and workshops are characterized by their proximity to the operational and the comprehensibility of the proposed solutions, but above all by a winning manner and the ability to motivate others. Whether team building, management training, classic service training or complaint handling: As a service expert, I offer tailor-made training and workshops for all important areas of a company.