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Management Support

Every entrepreneur knows them: emergencies. An unexpected wave of dismissals, illness or simply lack of staff at the highest level can be the trigger here. For small and medium-sized companies, such an emergency can threaten their very existence. So that it doesn't have to go that far, I offer management support at management level - in the form of a crisis team that is deployed at short notice, but also in the form of long-term, close advicing.

Due to my decades of experience in the luxury hotel industry and a strong network with professionals from the service industry, I also have excellent contacts with potential managers. Those who are "actually" well positioned in terms of personnel, but still not satisfied with the performance of the senior team, will find the best trainer and motivational coach in me. After all, the managers set an example of what the employees should implement when interacting with the customer ... and if there is a problem, there is sand in the gear.

I get all the wheels running again and make sure that they take their responsibly and start enjoying their work.